The photographs made available here are in high resolution. Several shots are provided for the same anatomical element with a size scale. These images are intended to be used freely by the community of archaeozoologists to help them in their determination work. To help us develop this virtual reference collection, please provide us with photographs of skeletons and skeletal elements from your own collections. You can also provide us with photographs of teeth, shells, insects, etc.
European beaver
European beaver (!)
Castor fiber - Subadult - Provenance: Butter Island, Rhone, France - Album author: Thierry Argant (May 2010)
Deer (!)
Recent skeleton of female deer (rather slender) and young individual. The two mandibles do not belong to the same individual and the sex is unknown. [Collection of UMR ArTeHiS 6298 (Dijon) Author: Caroline Lachiche].
Horse (fetus)
Horse (fetus)
Equus caballus - Fetus (22 weeks) - Collection: Zooarchaeology Laboratory of Compiègne (CRAVO) - Country: France - Album author: Jean-Hervé Yvinec