This section contains the skeletal frameworks of different species. The photographs available here are in high resolution, multiple shots are provided for a single element and a scale is usually provided. These pictures are directly viewable on the ArchéoZooThèque (possibility of advanced zoom) or can be downloaded in JPG format for their consultation on another application.
These resources are intended to be used freely by the community of archaeozoologists for help them in their work of determination. They are in no way intended to be reused in a publication or event, unless otherwise specified by the author.
To help us develop this "virtual" collection of reference, please provide us photographs of skeletal elements from your own collections. The idea is of course to have for each species presented the most comprehensive repositories.

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Tankred - 1
Bonjour, je trouve votre site tres intéressant, je l'ai même utilisé pour reconstitué un squelette de renard trouvé en forêt. Mais j'ai un problème avec un os que je n'arrive pas à identifier, et qui ne corespond a aucune de vos photos. Y a t-il moyen de vous envoyer des photos pour l'identifier ?